Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

'Tis the season to show your holiday spirit. And what better way to showcase your yuletide enthusiasm than with an outdoor lighting display! To help make sure your holidays are safe and bright, Christmas Commercial Supply offers the following Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips.

male end electrical extension cord

Locate your power supply.

First things first: Locate your power source. And make sure the male end of your light cord or extension cord is closest to the power connection. (You would be surprised by how many people go through all the trouble of hanging their lights only to find they have the wrong end of the power cord next to the electrical outlet!)

Plastic Outlet Cover
Use the proper outlet.

Plug your Christmas lights into a ground-fault circuit interruptor (GFCI) outlet with a waterproof cover. This is the safest option for an outdoor power source, as this type of outlet will shut the circuit down if there is over current. GFCIs can be found at your local hardware store.

Step Ladder
Use a step ladder, not your tip-toes.

Use a good ladder when installing your Christmas lights, and make sure it is safely balanced on the ground. And to save yourself some unnecessary climbs up and down the ladder by making sure all your blurbs are working before installing them.

Insulated Light Clips

Use insulated light clips.

Secure your lights with plastic insulated holders or clips as shown above - never use tacks or nails, as you could end up cutting through the electrical cord. And never install your lights on trees that come in contact with power lines. The only thing that should be aglow this holiday are your lights, not you!

Cord Connector Cover

Cover all cord connections.

Protect your holiday light connections from rain and melting snow with a plastic cord cover. This is a much safer option than using masking tape and plastic bags. Simply snap the connector cover over your cord connection and, "Voila!". These, too, can be found in most any hardware store during the holiday season.

Underwriters Laboratories

Look for the UL Rating.

For safety's sake, make sure your extension cords are rated for outdoor use and carry the UL rating. And avoid using long extension cords - anything over 75' long, as they can overload your electrical circuit. Or consider using energy-efficient LED lighting to cut down on energy use. If at all possible, avoid stretching extension cords across high traffic areas, such as sidewalks or your driveway.

Waterproof Lights

Always use waterproof lights.

Snow and rain can play havoc with your outdoor light, so always be sure to use waterproof or water-resistant lights that are marked with the Underwriters Lab tag. This is your sign that the lights meet national industry standards with the American National Standards Institute. Also, make sure the lights you are using outdoors are actually rated for outdoor use. Never use indoor Christmas lights outdoors.

C7 Bulbs

Use C7 or C9 Christmas bulbs.

These cone-shape lights have been around since the Three Wise Men. C9 bulbs are the larger of the two and are easier to see from a distance. Commercial Christmas Supply offers a complete selection of C7 and C9 Christmas bulbs in a wide choice of holiday colors as well as clear color and frosted bulbs. Both are available in your choice of LED or Incandescent bulbs. (For more information about LED and Incandescent bulbs, see our earlier post.)


Or consider using Mini-Lights.

Another option for outdoor lighting is the "mini-light," which uses less power than a traditional outdoor light string. Mini-lights are great for using around the perimeter of your home as well as in trees. We offer a wide selection of Mini-LIghts that are available in strands of of 50 bulbs.

Light Switch

Lights Out.

Make sure to turn your lights off when you leave the house or go to bed at night. You'll save power and it's considered proper lighting etiquette. (Don't worry: if you've been good, Santa will still find you!)

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