Maximize Your Commercial Selfie Station

Maximize Your Commercial Selfie Station

These days, the Selfie is practically an art form and an integral part of today's most popular social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Everyone loves sharing their vacation and family photos with friends and family, but Selfies aren't just for individuals to enjoy. Now more than ever, shopping centers, casinos, resorts, vacation destinations and other commercial properties are taking advantage of the Selfies' ever-increasing popularity as a way to connect with shoppers and guests and increase their exposure on social media, especially during the all-important holiday shopping season.  

Here are 5 Ways to Maximize a Selfie Station for your commercial property:

1. Customize Your Selfie Station

A Selfie Station or photo backdrop can be designed to perfectly match your brand image, including company colors, logos, event title, website URL and more – the expert design staff at Studio 25 Decor - our sister company - can help you with that. By creating a custom photo op display for your property or venue, you open the doors to endless free marketing and publicity when Selfie photos are shared on various social media sites and others are inspired to make a visit for themselves.

2. Integrate Social Media

Encourage shoppers and guests to take a photo with your holiday display prominently featured in the background. Or, better yet, design a designated area at your venue for Selfie photos. Then offer giveaways to shoppers and guests who share their photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  Marketing directors and property managers have seen a huge increase on their social media results after adding a photo op Selfie station to their venue.

3. Create a Custom Hashtag

If you don't already have an Instagram or a Facebook business page, get one! Then create a custom hashtag that includes the name of your shopping center or business and/or your holiday theme. This will allow you to create a custom photo album on Instagram or Facebook which you can share with your social media followers. You may also want to encourage photo sharing by offering a chance to win a special prize or other incentive. For tips on how to use a hashtag on Instagram, check here.

4. Hold a Contest

Hold a contest that encourages shoppers and guests to take photos of themselves with your holiday backdrop. Get them to post their photos to your Facebook wall or with a custom hashtag for use on Twitter or Instagram to make themselves eligible for a special prize drawing or giveaway.

5. Build Your Email Database

Promote an on-site contest or giveaway, where shoppers or guests simply need to fill in their email address for the chance to win a gift card or receive special discounts from participating stores or merchants. Winner(s) can be announced at the end of the day, every hour, or even via email. This is a great way to build an email database that you can use in future marketing promotions!

When used correctly, a Selfie Station can be so much more than just a photo backdrop, and can easily pay for itself in the form of increased marketing exposure and promotional opportunities! 

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