How to decorate with Christmas garlands

How to decorate with Christmas garlands

Christmas garlands have been around longer than St. Nicholas himself. They were originally used in religious ceremonies, but over time eventually found their way into homes and other buildings as holiday decorations. They were also worn during weddings and other festive events, and were used to adorn statues.

Nowadays, garlands are most commonly used as Christmas decorations. Commercial Christmas Supply offers more than a dozen varieties of garlands that are pre-lit and pre-decorated and ideal for use both indoors and out and are a great staple for any Christmas decorations or display. 

How to Decorate With Garland

There are lots of fun ways to decorate a home or commercial property for the holidays with Christmas garland. Here are a few of the most popular places they can be used.

1. Staircase or Bannister

Christmas garland on staircaseOne of the most popular places to apply garlands are around the handrail of a staircase. Or, if you have a solid staircase, garlands can be looped and draped along its entire length. 

Pro Tip:  Use nylon cable ties to secure the garland to your railing or banister.  Depending on the weight of the garland, a tie can be used every 12" or so to secure the garland in place.


2. Spindles

Christmas garlands on spindlesIf you prefer to keep the handrail clear or avoid possible scratches, garlands can also be used around the spindles or vertical posts of the the staircase.


3. Fireplace Mantel

Christmas garlands on mantleA garland placed across the top and down the sides of the fireplace provides an eye-catching welcome for Santa. Garlands can also be draped across the front, leaving the mantel clear for candles and other decorative items.


4. Front Door

Christmas garland on front doorGarlands hung over the front door entrance provide a decorative greeting to holiday guests and set an instant holiday mood. And don't forget to decorate the inside of your door, too!


5. Windows

Christmas garlands in windowDon't forget the windows! Adding a few lights and bulbs to your garlands will provide a festive greeting to all who pass by. Plus, it's a nice way to complement the rest of your exterior holiday decor.


6. Interior Archways

Christmas garlands in archwayLarge interior archways that separate the various rooms of your home are an ideal place to hang garlands, and add instant holiday spirit.


7. Kitchen Cabinets

Christmas garlands over kitchen cabinetsWhy limit the holiday decor to just the living room? Draping your kitchen cabinets with bright greenery and soft lights can bring holiday cheer to your meal preparation.


8. Table Centerpiece

Christmas garland as table decorationA beautiful garland can make your holiday dining and entertaining all the more festive! Decorate with soft lights, candles, small figurines, ornaments and other holiday accents.


9. Porch Railing

Christmas garland on porch railingLike the stair railings inside your home, exterior porch railings can be strung with garlands to extend holiday cheer outside your home.


10. Fences

Christmas garland on fenceAdding some greenery to to your fence is an easy way to bring some holiday magic to the outside of your home.

With the holidays fast approaching, it's never to early to start planning your holiday decor. Commercial Christmas Supply is ready to help you, with a wondrous variety of garlands, lights, bulbs and other holiday decor items that can bring holiday magic to your home!

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