Commercial Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Decorating a large Christmas tree for commercial use can be a tall task. (Pun intended.) Taking the process in smaller steps can help ensure that your tree comes out looking beautiful and professionally done. Here are a few tips to make sure your commercial Christmas tree is trimmed to perfection.

  • Choose the correct size and location for your tree
    Commercial Tower Christmas TreeConsider the space in which you would like to display your Christmas tree. Does it allow for viewing in all directions? Is it located near a power source? How will placement of the tree in this particular location affect traffic flow? Your Christmas tree should be large enough to deliver its "Wow!" factor without impeding traffic or taking up needed space. If you are placing a large tree in a smaller area with heavy pedestrian traffic, the tree should be setup against a wall or in a corner. Larger spaces are a great place for a giant tower tree placed in the center of the room. This creates a dramatic focal point ensuring that your tree will be noticed by one and all. Check out our article on commercial Christmas trees for help in determining the best tree for your commercial property.
  • Choosing Ornamentation
    Commercial Christmas DecorationsDecide what color scheme and ornamentation you would like to use well in advance of setting up your tree. Purchasing your ornaments well ahead of the holiday season will ensure your favorite ornaments will be in-stock and delivered to you in plenty of time for tree trimming. Plus, some custom ornaments may require extra time for fabrication, so be sure to allow time for that. Ornamentation colors should complement your space your space.  Mis-matched ornamentation can turn a beautiful tree into a holiday decor nightmare. Large trees should be heavily ornamented. Plan on using approximately 40 ornaments per foot of your tree. So if you have a 12' tree, you would want about 480 ornaments. Create visual variety by using a different sizes and styles of ornaments such as glitter, shiny, matte, geometric, etc. Commercial Christmas Supply offers a large selection of commercial quality Christmas tree ornaments. We are also happy to help you choose the best ornamentation package for your holiday display as well as help you select the proper tree size! 
  • Lighting
    The right Christmas tree lighting can really enhance the overall look of your commercial tree. LED lighting is the best option for both indoor and outdoor Christmas trees. LED lights use less energy and are safer than incandescent lights, which generate more heat and can cause fire hazards. Last but not least, LED lights also have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs. LED lights are available in warm white, bright white, and as well as a multitude of colors and styles, so you are sure to find the perfect LED lights for your commercial display.

    Before starting, test your light strands to ensure they are working properly. (You don't want to put in all the work to add them to your tree only to find they are not working!) When placing lights on your tree, start with one branch on the top or bottom of the tree and begin at the trunk/stand side of the tree branches. Work your way toward the tip of the branch by wrapping the lights around the main stem and around every other alternating extending branch along the way.  Once you reach the end of the branch, work your lights down and around the other branches you missed on the way up. Once you have covered one branch, move over to the next branch and repeat. This method gives dimension to your tree lighting and cuts out any 'bare spots' on your tree. If you are placing a lit tree topper on your Christmas tree, be sure to strand your lights accordingly so you have an easily accessible plug for your topper.
  • Adding Ornaments
    Commercial Christmas Decoration - Holly PicksOnce you have your lights in place, begin placing your decorative ornaments evenly and prominently throughout your tree. Continue by placing your larger ornaments evenly around your tree. After your large ornaments are placed, you will want to add your medium and smaller sized ornaments. When you are close to using all of your ornaments, take a step back to locate any bare spots! Be sure to also hang ornaments closer to the trunk of the tree as well as the branch tips to give your tree extra depth. Give your tree extra flair with complementary picks. Crown your tree with one of our fabulous tree toppers to complete your Christmas tree decorations.

    Now, stand back and accept the applause!

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