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Giant tower trees are an awesome centerpiece for any commercial Christmas display. Giant trees make a brilliant statement both day and night, and can be customized to fit any holiday decor theme. Tower trees can be affordably updated year after year with the addition of new ornamentation packages. There's no need to replace your entire tree - simply replace your ornaments to give your tree a fresh, new look!
Our giant tower trees are an excellent investment. Their sturdy construction ensures many a season of use and enjoyment in all kinds of weather.

At Commercial Christmas Supply we carry only the safest trees made of the highest quality materials and individually hand-crafted to create the most realistic appearance possible. With dozens of styles and sizes to choose from, you've come to the right place to find the perfect tree for your holiday display!

46' Sequoia Tree with Animated RGB Lighting
46' Sequoia Tree with Animated RGB Lighting & Custom Snowfall Topper

Installation of Giant 72' Sequoia TreeSequoia Trees
The Sequoia Tree is quite simply the best giant Christmas tree available. These trees are the first giant tower trees to earn the RSE (Registered Structural Engineer) stamp of approval, making it the safest tree on the market. Whereas traditional tree branches often require hours of 'fluffing' to return them to their natural shape after storage, the Sequoia tree branches never lose their shape and require no fluffing! Sequoia trees have tow-tone UV treated foliage with premium tips that are double the industry standard. Available with your choice of warm white LED mini lights or LED C7 bulbs, the Sequoia is up to 90% more energy-efficient than trees lit with incandescent lighting. While incandescent-lit Sequoia trees are also available at 10% less than LED-lit trees, we highly recommend LED lighting for their improved safety features and longer life-span. Sequoia trees are available up to 100 feet in height and carry a 10 year warranty!


  • All UL Approved Electrical Components
  • "Spring Back" Self-Shaping UV-Treated Branches
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Up to 100' heights
  • Also available with animated LED RGB (red, green, blue) lighting.

Self-shaping "spring back" Sequoia tree branches with two-toned UV-treated foliageSequoia Tree Foliage Close-up




12' Monarch Tree with gold bauble and pinecone ornamentation

12' Monarch Tree with Gold Bauble and Pinecone Ornamentation

Monarch Tree "Spring Back" Self Shaping UV Treated Tree BranchesMonarch Trees
Ideal for indoor or outdoor displays, the Monarch Tee is built with a rugged frame construction that is easy to assemble and built to withstand high winds. With it's lush foliage, the Monarch presents a true life-like appearance that is made all the more dazzling by its energy-saving LED mini-lights. The Monarch also features unique "Spring Back" UV-treated branches that provide for faster, more efficient installation. Available in 12' and 15' heights.


Indoor Monarch Pine Christmas Tree
9'6" Indoor Mountain Pine Tree

Mountain Pine Foliage Close-upMountain Pine Trees
Mountain Pine Trees feature life-like, natural-cut foliage with extra lush branches that create the eye-catching appearance of a fresh-cut tree. Warm white LED mini lights provide an elegant holiday glow.  The Mountain Pine comes with a rolling tree stand that allows for effortless moving and positioning, making it easy to find just the perfect spot in which to display it. Best suited for indoor use, the Mountain Pine is available in 6'6", 7'6", 9'6", and 12' sizes.


Oregon Pine Christmas Tree
12' Indoor Oregon Pine Tree

Oregon Pine Foliage Close-upOregon Pine Tree
Each branch of our Oregon Pine presents a true life-like appearance, due in part to their unique construction, which features a combination of bottle brush, PVC, and PE foliage and a pair of round pine cones. These trees are pre-lit with LED mini lights and include a rolling wheel stand, making it tree suitable for indoor decor use. Quality fabrication ensures many a season of holiday enjoyment. fAvailable in 6', 7.5', 9.5', and 12' heights; ideal for any indoor lobby display.


9.5' Calgary Pine Tree located in Dental Office Lobby
9.5" Calgary Pine Tree

Calgary Pine Foliage Close-upCalgary Pine Trees
Calgary Pine trees feature a combination of PVC and PE foliage accentuated with small pine cones, which together provide a true life-like appearance. The Calgary Pine come pre-lit with warm white LED mini-lights and include a rolling wheel stand to allow easy positioning. Available in heights of 6', 7.5', 9.5', and 12'.


17'6" Poinsettia Tree with Silk Poinsettia Plants
17'6" Poinsettia Tree with Silk Poinsettia Plants

14" Silk Poinsettia Plant with 6" PotPoinsettia Trees
Looking for a unique look for your commercial Christmas tree display? Our Poinsettia trees may be just what you are looking for! Vibrant silk poinsettia potted plants - featuring stunning 14"-15" blossoms – provide the look of a live poinsettia tree – without the cost or yearly waste of a live tree. Available in both manually and self-watering  styles. If you are interested in using live poinsettia plants in your tree display, we recommend the self-watering Poinsettia. Available in 9'6", 13'6", 17'6", 21'6", and 25'6" heights.

Poinsettia Tree Frame     Top Section of Self-Watering System      5.5" Metal Ring Holder for 6" Pots

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