Benefits of Decorating your Business or Commercial Property for the Holidays

Giant Christmas Tree at Shopping CenterDuring the holiday season some retailers bring in around 20 - 40% of their annual income, which means these couple of months can determine the success or failure of the business.  Average shoppers generally spend around $700 on gifts and an additional $100 on themselves.  With online sales a popular choice among today's shoppers, retailers can increase traffic and sales by investing in holiday decor.  While decorating for the holidays may seem like an extra expense, it can generate more buzz and revenue than you would expect.  Whether a hotel, a restaurant, a retail shop or a shopping mall; carefully designed outdoor and indoor holiday decorations will certainly benefit your company and here are a few reasons why:

Invite More Shoppers
Bright and cheerful holiday decor makes your customer feel invited and welcome in your business.  Make your store, office or center more fun and festive, drawing in more visitors and making them want to stay longer.  Keeping your customers or clients longer and creating a personal bond means increased spending.  Your stellar Christmas decorations can also help your customers remember your store over your competitors when they consider where to shop come next holiday season.  They are more likely to return to the store with the fun display over others that put no focus on holiday decor.

Increase Marketing
In this age of social media, grand holiday decoration displays are a great way to advertise and market your business through the season.  A holiday decor scheme with an abundance of photo ops and beautiful displays are surely to be posted online and shared with friends and family.  Your visitors are sure to brag on your style and encourage others to make a stop in and snap a few photos for their own album!  Creative decor schemes can maximize this advertising method by strategically placing major decor pieces beside company signage or featured products. 

Christmas Tree Light Up at Outdoor Shopping Center

Create an Event
Make your holiday and seasonal display unveiling a community event!  Create a fun, friendly outing for families, clubs and organizations to join your company for your tree and decor light-up along with a major holiday sales promotion.  This technique is sure to draw in new customers by creating a unique event that other stores don't offer. 

Become a Holiday Destination
If you have a business such as a restaurant, casino or event center, it often serves as a venue for holiday parties during the season. A great Christmas decor scheme that is inviting and fun will make your location the go-to spot for all the holiday parties!  Spectacular Christmas displays can also create buzz among local news and radio stations, encouraging their followers to plan a visit with their group before the holidays are over.

Bring In a Little Christmas Cheer
Commercial Christmas decorations are a great way to bring in the holiday cheer and keep your employees and customers jolly during the stressful holiday season.  The holidays can be an especially tough time for retail employees who are slammed with increased traffic and longer hours while dealing with their own holiday stress.  Creating a fun atmosphere for your workplace is sure to boost moral and in turn, increase productivity for your company!

So, while decorating for the holidays can seem like an extra unnecessary expense, it is one that more than pays off with increased revenue, happy customers and appreciative employees!  Browse Commercial Christmas Supply today for all your commercial holiday decorating needs! 

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