Toy Soldiers

Our toy soldiers will have customers marching to your store year after year.

Toy Soldiers


If you are putting together a Christmas display for your business, one of the things you will want to include is toy soldiers. There is just something about these regal statues with drum or trumpet that makes all ages smile and get into the best Christmas spirit. You’ll find a nice selection of toy soldiers and nutcracker soldiers here at Commercial Christmas Supply. We have many different styles to choose from in different heights to give you the best possible result for your business. Our toy soldiers will have customers marching to your store year after year.

One option is our three toy soldiers that are 75” in height. One is at attention, one has a horn, and the other a drum. Together they look great, but you can also choose just one if you prefer. Another set is our metal toy soldiers with one having a staff, another holding a drum, and the third sporting a trumpet. If you are looking for something taller, consider our 92” lit jeweled nutcracker which also comes in a 75.5” option.

These over-sized, durable Christmas ornaments, lighted sculptures, and larger-than-life holiday themed figurines can be a part of your “must see” holiday decorations. You’ll create a lasting impression this season with any of our Christmas display products. We have spent over 40 years compiling the best quality, commercial-grade toy soldiers and other Christmas décor that will make your business the one everyone will flock to year after year. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for assistance with your selection. We are happy to help you in any way we can.


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Commercial Toy Soldiers

 When you shop with us at Commercial Christmas Supply for your commercial toy soldiers, you’ll be shocked and amazed at seeing these small, colorful figures that you enjoyed yourself as a child become larger-than-life representations of their smaller counterparts! Commercial toy soldiers from Commercial Christmas Supply are well-made, sturdy, and come in a variety of sizes and colors in order to ensure you get the commercial toy soldiers that will go perfectly with your other Holiday display items.

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Toy Soldiers Figurines

Toy Soldier Figurines


Toy soldier figurines are perfect for anyone who is a fan of The Nutcracker or adds the ballet into their list of holiday traditions. The symbolism for both the story and the ballet fit in very well to the Christmas season and go far beyond the fact that the story happens to occur at during Christmas. Instead it’s a story filled with magic, good triumphing over evil, and caring about the ones you love-- all of which scream Christmas spirit. So why not celebrate this spirit of goodwill with a display devoted to toy soldier figurines this upcoming holiday season? 


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