LED Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Who says holiday décor has to cost a fortune to power? Ask us about LED options!

If you would love a beautiful holiday display this year for your home or business, but you are nervous about a huge rise in your power bill, you’ll be happy to know we have an ideal solution here at Commercial Christmas supply. Our LED outdoor Christmas decorations use far less power than other types while giving you the illumination you want.

One of the products you can obtain from us is LED mini lights. We offer our 50-light LED mini lights in a case pack of 24 sets with many colors to choose from, including warm white, red, purple, orange, blue, and yellow. We also have LED traditional size bulbs in various colors and textures. Another LED option we carry is beautifully illuminated acacia trees that would look great along a pathway, driveway or lining the entrance to a mall or other commercial property. Our crystal branch illuminated trees are another LED marvel that is quite popular. Other LED options include rope light snowflakes, LED flood lights, and LED lit gift boxes in 3 sizes. If you want to add a ton of color at once for night viewing, our LED wall washer is an excellent choice.

There are many more LED outdoor Christmas decorations to choose from. A good way to see all we offer is to use the search function on our 24/7 online store and type in “LED” to bring up those items that have LED lighting. You can also call us if you need assistance selecting the right items for your business or home.

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