Christmas Designers Debate: Choosing White or Multi-Color Christmas Lights

Christmas Designers Debate: Choosing White or Multi-Color Christmas Lights

The debate over whether to choose white or multi-colored Christmas lights is ongoing, and for good reason. There are plenty of ways to incorporate either option into your indoor or outdoor holiday décor, and it is often a matter of preference and your designed theme that will ultimately determine which you choose. If you need some factors to help you determine what to use to decorate this year, here are some tips from designers that might make your choice easier.

White Lights

  • While everyone’s version of winter is a little bit different, most people have snow and colder weather in mind during the holidays. There is nothing that represents this better than strands of white lights around the tree and garland.
  • White Christmas lights are also subtle and can create a dramatic ambiance that cannot be achieved with colored lights. This can be especially important if you want to capture a still scene or enjoy a quiet Christmas moment.
  • Christmas designers will tell you that, no matter the décor, you can’t go wrong with white Christmas lights. They really match everything, making them flexible enough for any indoor or outdoor space.

Colored Lights

  • Multi-colored lights give Christmas designers lots of options! Whether you choose one or two colors that fit the theme or you want to go all out with multi-colored Christmas lights, these whimsical fixtures can brighten any space.
  • If you like energy in a space, multi-colored Christmas lights are a great choice. They can really set the tone as being playful and fancy-free, which can capture the holiday spirit for many people.
  • Get rid of the rules with multi-colored Christmas lights! Because you don’t have a set standard for how your lights should be, it makes it easier to design the holiday decorations and lighting that fit your mood all season long.

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